Unlicensed Use of Copyright Compliance Imagery

Licensed Image [That You Used]

Usage on your website

Url Address: https://amazingclassiccars.com/teal-packard-clipper/

Please Make A Payment To Resolve This DMCA

You already contacted via email by our support team and you advise to make a payment to resolve this DMCA within 24 Hours otherwise legal action will be taken.

Have a question?

It was not my intention to infringe any copyright.

Copyright infringement can occur absent the infringer’s knowledge or intent. We understand that your unauthorized use may have been unintentional. Unfortunately, being unaware of licensing requirements does not change your liability for the infringing use.

What if someone else created my company’s website?

Understand that a third-party designer, employee, or intern may have been contracted to design and develop your company’s website. However, if no license for use of Associated Press imagery exists, the liability for any infringement ultimately falls on your company since it is displaying the imagery.

If a third party who supplied the images (eg. Your webdesigner) is willing to resolve this matter on your behalf and you are in agreement, that third party may contact Wizpaisa directly; however, Wizpaisa cannot initiate contact with the third party since Associated Press claim is with your company. If the third party is unable or unwilling to resolve this matter on your behalf, Wizpaisa will continue to look to your company to resolve this matter. Any effort by you to seek reimbursement from a third party would be between you and the third party as a separate matter.

I have a license / authorization to use the imagery. What is the next step?

Please contact us with relevant information via email at [email protected]
We will review it and reply to you.

I removed the imagery from my website. Can I consider this matter closed?

While we appreciate the removal of the represented imagery from your website, removal of the images alone does not resolve the matter. Associated Press is entitled to compensation for the past usage of their imagery. On behalf of Associated Press we are seeking payment for past unlicensed use of the imagery, and would be happy to work with you on correctly licensing any future use.